March 23, 2009

Chili Cook Off

This last weekend was our church's chili cook off. It was windy but also a lot of fun! There was some phenomenal chili, including my favorite with smoked beef brisket, Yumm-o!!! There was green chile chicken chili and italian chili with pepperoni and sausage. There were more different styles of chili than I even considered. There was also a cake walk and volleyball.

Frank's a big boy!!

Frank is getting to be a really big boy! He's been wearing his Nike's, eating rice cereal and he can roll half way over and spin around on his back. It is all very exciting! He is also laughing and smiling all the time now, it is soo cute!!

Josh's worship jams

Josh was able to lead worship at church this week and last so I took advantage and made a little video. Hope you enjoy!!

March 18, 2009

Spring break

Here is an extra pic I took

Spring Break

I was lucky enough to get a little time off during spring break. It has been absolutely beautiful here so we took advantage and went to the park. The park we went to had a very different playground, it was a lot of fun!

Photographer Jillian getting busy : )

March 11, 2009

Doodle for Google

Jillian finished her doodle for google picture. It looks very good! I hope she wins! If she does win she will get 15,000 dollars and a t-shirt with the picture on it, a computer and other prizes, also 10,000 dollars for anthem school! Go Jill!!!

March 9, 2009

Saturday at G-pa's

We spent Saturday at John and Carolines house and g-pa heated the pool so the girls go to go swimming for the first time this year. This is only possible in sunny Phoenix which is one of the great things about living here. Then we had cave creek pizza for dinner which is the best pizza I think I have ever had!

March 1, 2009

Ready for my clubs Dadgum : )

Well Frank is officially ready for his first set of golf clubs, he even has argyle socks to go with his golfin gear : ) Now all he needs to do is figure out how to walk, ha ha!

The girls are so jazzed that Frank can hold his body well enough for them to not have to use the boppy to hold him anymore. He sure is growing up fast!