November 28, 2008

Frank's Here!

Frank Rodney Murphy was born at 11:16am on November 26th. He weighed 8lbs 1oz and measured 20 3/4". He has dark hair covering his entire head. Mom is doing very well, but also very tired. Frank is healthy in every way and we couldn't be happier. He does not cry much, he only gets a little fussy when he's hungry. I hope you enjoy the first batch of pictures, there will be many more to follow.

November 25, 2008

The wait continues

Well the contingency that I mentioned in my last post came into play last week. We waited around for 2 days for an opening at the hospital but as fate would have it they never ended up having a spot for us. So here I am, still pregnant! The new plan is that I will go in tonight for the induction, but after such a heartbreak last week I haven't really let myself get too excited. If there is room for us tonight then I am sure I will be overwhelmed by emotion (not hard considering I am a VERY pregnant woman!) So even though throughout the last several months I thought the odds of me actually being in the hospital on Thanksgiving were slim, it appears that this is what is going to happen. My Dr. said if all goes well (and according to his schedule, which so far not a great track record) we should be released mid day Thursday and home in time for turkey, thanks for cooking mom!! We'll see! If that is the case then I will put picks up of our little turkey on Thursday. Hope everyone is well! Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, Amber

November 19, 2008

Today is THE day : )

Well I have been slacking considerably on this posting! I really have no excuse I have been on maternity leave for almost two weeks now and STILL no baby so I have nothing occupying my time other than waiting for my little man! Today I am happy to say is the last day I have of just "me time" as Dr. Hu has had mercy on me and my poor aching body and is inducing me TONIGHT!!! Wohoo! (This is of course contingent on the fact that they are not swamped with women who have actually gone into labor on their own). Either way little Frankie should have a birthday of November 20, 2008 if all goes according to plan. As excited as I am it has been absolutely wonderful having soo much time with just the girls. Josh and I have been reflecting back on all that we have done in the last several years and it has been soo amazing having two precious daughters who are so close to each other to spend our time with. I had always thought that I would want to have all of my children close together but in retrospect am glad that I got to have soo much time with just my girls. I am soo looking forward to the future but I also know our lives will never be the same and in a way I will certainly miss this time and look back fondly on the time it was just the four of us. Thanks Jill and Gels for being such amazing, considerate, sweet, fun and overwhelmingly wonderful daughters, Frank is absolutely blessed to have such incredible big sisters!!
Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with the rest of my day: ) First just praise God that he always takes care of us. A few weeks ago I joked that the ice maker in our old fridge was broken and therefore we NEEDED all new appliances. Oh am I glad we went ahead and bought them because we woke up to our old fridge (which had been transformed into a drink fridge and pizza freezer in the garage) that had died during the night. I can't imagine if we had to deal with that on a day like today! Once again the Lord shows that he is taking care of us even before we know we are in need : ) All I had to do was fit two freezers worth of food into one freezer, impossible you say, but I am amazing I will let you know and with the exception of one 1/2 gallon of ice cream it is all in the freezer!!! WOW, I didn't even realize the capacity of the french drawer freezer until I needed it to be the size of two : ) This was especially tricky because of course I just went grocery shopping yesterday and in preperation for having a brand new baby and no motivation to cook and I bought 5 frozen pizza's, a frozen lasagna, super pretzels, a box of quiches, and a large box of lean pockets all of which is now in what I thought was a full freezer in my kitchen!
As for the rest of the day I suppose I will just finish my Christmas wrapping, address all of my Christmas cards and make some gingerbread cookies. If I don't keep busy the day will surely just drag on endlessly! Hope everyone is well!! We will put baby pictures up as soon as we can. XOXO, Amber

November 8, 2008


Today was the Anthem veterans day parade. It was the best one yet, it was almost 2 hours!! We had a really fun time watching all of the floats and then afterwards there was a big picnic in the park. I have to say the neatest thing in my opinion was, after the parade, the girls got to get into a blackhawk helicopter and check it out!!! AWESOME!!! I don't have any pictures of that because our batteries had run out from all of the parade pics we took : ( Anywho, we had a great time, Josh took 239 pictures! Here are just a few hope you enjoy them. (p.s. I love the 70 yr. old cheerleaders, I'd never really seen anything like that till we moved here, ha ha)

November 1, 2008

Officially ready for Thanksgiving!!

Well we decided to buy all new kitchen appliances and they were delivered yesterday! It is something I have wanted to do since we moved into this house and it is AWESOME!! The best part is that now I have a double oven : ) which makes us "officially ready for Thanksgiving". In the past we have always had to be a little ingenious when it came to roasting a turkey, casseroles, breads, etc. all at the same time. Oh but now the sheer possiblilites are more than I can really comprehend, yet. We also got the coolest fridge that no one has to break their back to get to the produce, it has a meat/cheese drawer that would accomodate a "Joey Tribiani esque" sandwich lover. The freezer will definitely take a little getting used to but I am sure in no time we will figure out the best way to use it. The dishwasher and microwave are also great.

Anywho, hope all is well. I keep hoping the next post will be the one that we say "IT'S A BOY!!!" but it hasn't happened yet. Who knows maybe today is the day : ) if not then I'll surely be hoping for the same thing tomorrow, ha ha!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! We had a nice time. Jillian was a black cat and Gelsey was a bunny, they were really cute! We are soo lucky to live on a street with GREAT neighbors and a ton of kids. A bunch of the kids (and their parents) walked all around the neighborhood trick or treating. The girls had a lot of fun going around with them. I just sat out front handing out candy and checking out all of the cute costumes. We did run out of candy kind of early even though I had a pretty HUGE bowl of candy, now I know that $20 isn't going to cut it for next year : ) After that we came in and watched Ghostbusters, that's as scary as it gets in this house ha ha.