April 18, 2009

Has it really been 10 years?

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JIllian's 10th Birthday

Jillian had her 10th birthday yesterday. The big gift we were soo excited to give her was a cell phone. It was really funny she was opening gifts and one of the presents started to ring. She was pretty excited digging into the gift to answer her new phone. She also selected to go to Dennys for dinner. Too funny considering we told her she could go anywhere she wanted and she picked Dennys : ) That's Jill though. In a couple of weeks she is going to be having a joint party with her sister at Sweet and Sassy so stay tuned for more celebratory hubub!

April 8, 2009

Chocolate covered cherry

Here is your picture mom : ) Also this was the first time we were all at the table together. What a cutie that Frank is!

April 3, 2009

Bouncing Veggies

Frank is such a big boy!! He has started eating squash now and he LOVES it. He ate the entire container the very first time and has continued to do so since. Tomorrow he gets to try peas. We'll have to see what he thinks when the food is green : ) We also got him a bouncing chair toy thing. It is too funny watching him play in it. It's really cute that using the word "play" is actually appropriate because he is engaged and having a great time while he is in the seat.

Rawhide (by Gelsey)

Last weekend our nephews/cousins came to town to visit G-pa and Caroline and we got to see them too. We went to Rawhide for the evening which is like an old wild west town. It is really cool and the kids all really liked it. After we had dinner at the Steak House we watched bull riding it was a blast!!

There wasn't just bull riding there was also sheep and calf riding we watched bull riding a second time after we watched it the first time Caroline bought us some candy she also bought me a hat and Jill a necklace!! -Gelsey

Jillian Talent Show

Jillian and her friends Megan and Chloe participated in the school talent show last weekend. I think they were a little nervous but they did a great job!!