January 31, 2009

New family photos

Lacey Ward is clearly a gifted photographer! She took these photos yesterday and I couldn't be more impressed. To see more of her work check out

January 28, 2009

96th percentile

Our BIG boy had his 2 month check up yesterday and he is in the 96th percentile for height! The funny thing is he is only in the 35th percentile for weight, any idea where those dimentions might be coming from? anyone? ha ha : ) Of course I shouldn'y be surprised, he is also remarkably good looking just like his daddy! (If he is lucky he will take after Josh in more ways than just his physical appearance!) The doctor also said his blue eyes are likely here to stay because they probably would have changed by now, so I am in there somewhere : )
Everything else is going fine around here. The girls are doing well, cheer and soccer started up again this week and so we are back to our somewhat busy schedule. Gelsey did great on her cheerleading tryout and was awarded a new teal pom pom, a "promotion" of sorts. Jillian has coach Mike again so we are all excited about that.

January 23, 2009

This and That

Frank's Place (his new playpen) is a big hit!

A diaper cake : )
too funny, Thanks Caroline!

Go Lions!

I am a lazy blogger these days! Here are a couple new pics of Frank. He is getting REALLY big! We haven't been doing too much, just getting together with friends and family and enjoying our time together just the five of us : ) Hope all is well with everyone.

January 12, 2009

The Cool Aunt Visit

Josh's sisters came to visit this past weekend and it was a hoot! We have never had them both come visit at the same time and it was a lot of fun to have both of them together. Aunt Kelly got the chance to be the "cool aunt" with no rules which I know was a lot of fun for her! The girls had so much fun with their aunts that they cried when they left and it was a sort of somber evening around here last night. The girls even got to sleep with Aunt Jennie and Aunt Kelly which I know was a special treat because they usually have to camp on the floor in Franks room when we have guests. This was also Franks first chance to meet his aunts, I think he won them over with his good looks and sweet smile! Josh and I got the opportunity to go on a date for the first time since Frank was born : ). We had an awesome time going to PF Changs for dinner (seriously try the sea bass) and to see the movie Twilight! Overall, it was a really good weekend!

You can always count on Jennie for some great funny face photos!

We also realized how much we are going to rely on texting when we have teenagers in the house!

January 7, 2009

The end of Christmas break

The week after Christmas, before school started again we had Jennifer, our niece/cousin, over to visit. The girls had a fun time playing together and Jennifer was the first person in her family to meet Frank. She had a lot of fun checking him out. Jennifer was here for New Years Eve so to celebrate the girls had Sonic for dinner, a trip to Blockbuster for movies to watch until midnight and ice cream sundaes to Celebrate! We don't ususally stay up until midnight but all of us made it with ease : ) Happy New Year to all!!

Frank's play time

This is what Frankie is doing these days. It looks so simple but it is really awesome having him interact more with the things around him. He is also just starting to discover his voice in ways other than crying which is really cute!