October 21, 2008

Soccer Super Star

Jillian had her first soccer game of the season this last Saturday. This year she is now in the "big league" and is playing with girls up to age 13!!! A little scary for mom at first but she did soo well and had a lot of fun too! Also they play on a full size field this year which is much bigger than the fields she has played on before. You would have never known it was more running because Jill never looked tired. She also has an awesome coach this year who is already working on a lot of great stuff with the girls! I am really looking forward to seeing how much Jill learns this year.
Before the game huddle
Jillian as center forward! (she looks soo tall considering she is only 9 playing wtih 9-13 year olds!)
Happy after the game - Aunt Jennie was in town also so Jill got to have a special guest at her first game : )
Dad cheering her on under the sweet umbrella set up : ) Thanks for the shade Babypie!

October 17, 2008

Jillian's costume party

Jillian had a cosume party at a friends house this afternoon. She dressed up as a black cat, too cute!! Here are a couple of pics of her Halloween costume, what a doll.

Mother-Daughter afternoon : )

Mother-Daughter afternoon was a big hit today! Gelsey and I went to get pedi's and had a little Starbucks. It was a hoot! We also did a little shopping in the local boutique but we didn't buy anything. Gelsey got pink polish with flowers on her toes with green "diamonds". It was a real treat, I love spending one on one time with Gelsey!

Straight A Celebration

Jillian and Gelsey both got straight A's on their report cards this quarter!!! GREAT JOB GIRLS!!! To celebrate they picked having Sonic for dinner, they even did a toast with their drinks : )

October 7, 2008

Halloween Decorations

Well we have never really gotten into celebrating Halloween before, but this year we are doing things a little bit differently. Every year we always go to the carnival at our church, but this year we have a new church and there is no carnival. The girls have been excited to go trick or treating because they have never been before. They also got really excited about decorating the house so Josh and the girls put up some decorations. They are really cute. We drove around the neighborhood a little bit this weekend and I couldn't believe just how extensive some of the decorations were. We saw someone building a casket in their front yard!!! Now I just had to laugh when the girls thought it was soo cool and I sounded JUST LIKE MY MOTHER!!! when I said we would not be doing anything too spooky and they could only have cute and fun costumes. Oh how I used to loathe that as a child, but now I can certainly see where my mom was coming from. She certainly did a FABULOUS job as a mother, but I still do hope to make it without using the whole "because I said so" bit. If I ever do I think it will be the end!! Only kidding mom, I love you!! Hope everyone is doing well!

October 1, 2008

Nursery Stage II

We got the bedding for Frankies nursery today, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! It was an extravagant selection but it is really nice and it is not babyish at all so he can use it for several years; until he grows out of a toddler bed : ) The pictures don't really do it justice at all, the fabric is really soft and nice and the bumper pad is really cushy. I know he won't know the difference but the rest of us will and I just LOVE it!!