August 14, 2011

Possibly the most random blog post to ever appear here!

It's been a month since I've posted anything on this blog (or any blog for that matter). It's not that I don't have anything fun to post about it's just that I'm lazy/tired. Four weeks to go until Penelope will be here, Hopefully!! It's going well so far, we're getting closer to being "ready," although it doesn't quite feel real to any of us yet that we're going to have a new person in our family. We're all excited to meet her of course! That being said, I need to figure out what to do about the blog's name. I think we'll leave the url the same but just go by another name.
Anywho, here are a couple last shots of Murphy's Five as it is now : )

This summer was wedding madness for us, we attended/participated in three weddings in two months, all of which were out of town. My brother and Jessica got married in May and all of us, except for Frank, were in the wedding. It was at my parents house and it was very sweet and beautiful. Ryan and Jess now have a new newlywed blog, the Latte Love Cafe, if you want to check it out, it's pretty funny.

We also had the pleasure of attending Shelly and Mark's wedding in Pinetop, which Josh officiated. It was also really beautiful and fun. Josh had a great time marrying them, he said it was a wonderful experience to get to see their joy from that perspective.
Me and Josh also got to attend his cousin's wedding in San Francisco which was at the historic Flood Mansion, Stunning!!
All of the weddings were wonderful in their own way and they all reflected the couples personalities, which you would expect but it was interesting seeing them so close together, it made the differences much more noticeable.

Had to put this in because my kids are awesome : )
Lastly, do you have instagram on your ipod/iphone... It's free! Josh took these pictures (which is the only reason they're of me!) and used the instagram app to add filters, re-focus... It's a really neat app that let's you easily manipulate photos. If you have an app capable device you should check it out!

I'll try not to go so long next time! Hope all is well. XOXO -Amber