June 28, 2008

Wedding dress shopping

The girls are going to be in a wedding in a couple of weeks and today we went to pick out dresses. They had a lot of say in what they wanted to get as they were only given a color which was nice because they both got to pick out something that suited them and that they are comfortable in. The selection for junior bridesmaids dresses was limited so I was really happy that the only dress they had in the right color was the dress Jill had picked out online, whew! The only thing is that she is rather petite and it had to be taken in everywhere because we don't have time to order the next size down. But there was a seamstress on sight and she was able to do a dress fitting today so it worked out quite well and Jill's dress will fit and be ready on time : ) Gelsey of course found the fanciest, frilliest dress there was which had a pretty long train and was significantly beaded. We had to veto the dress just becuase of the train being soo long and it didn't bustle in anyway for the reception later so she opted for something a little simpler but I think it is fabulous and she seems to be very happy with it as well.

Jillian is a bridesmaid and this is the dress she picked out
She had to have it altered because it was quite big on her
Here is the dress Gels really wanted but it was vetoed because of the train, it would be a ripe nuisance for everything but walking down the aisle as it didn't bustle
Another one she tried on
but this is the one she picked. It is really cute!! She looks great and it will be a reasonable dress to wear for the day : )


Ma'am said...

You girls look GORGEOUS!!! I think you picked perfect dresses.

Robert said...

Wow, it's a perfect wedding dress in orange color. Looking so beautiful in it.