July 8, 2008

Visit from Ma'am

We have been lucky enough to have Ma'am in town for a visit. So far it has been a blast!! We have done some shopping, cooking, eating, pedicuring, oh yeah did I mention eating?? We watched 27 dresses and Goose got all dolled up and wore her tiara, I couldn't help but take a picture. We have had the best time so far and we are all super psyched because we get to go for the ultrasound tomorrow and hopefully we will find out if our new addition is a boy or a girl. Yipee : )


Amy said...

Okay, the pic of you and your mom (the one where you look like you are having a Mexican stand-off) is priceless! So cute! I loved your toes! When my mom was here a month ago we went and got ours done and it is so much fun! Keep us posted on Baby Murphy #3!

The Akin Family said...

Let us know what the baby is. What an exciting day. Cathy, sounds like you are having a great time.