August 12, 2008

School's back on Baby!!!

School has started again (all the parents shout yipee!!) Jillian is in the 4th grade and Gelsey is in the 2nd grade. They both really like their teachers and are excited for the school year : ) They got new "messenger bags" for school, which apparently is way cooler than a backpack. We are really glad to be getting back on a regular schedule. The summer is always fun but by the end of the summer the girls are bored and are ready to see other kids again. Sorry to all of the teachers out there I know the summer flies by for you. Hope all is well!

P.S. Less than 20 minutes after I posted the pictures of Goosey with her loose tooth the tooth came out. She is really cute and her grown up tooth is really coming in already!


Amy said...

Very stylish, girls! And nice glittery eyes, Gelsey! We have the rest of this week off, then teacher inservice next week. The kids don't come back until the 25th, so parents around these parts will be joining the "yippee" club soon!

Ma'am and Dadgum said...

The girls look wonderful. I love the toothless Goose. I hope that the girls LOVE LEARNING this year. Jillian will have to give me all of great 4th grade ideas from her class.

Terilyn said...

Love the new bags girls, hope you learn lots of new things in school! Let me know how things are going, Love you!