September 18, 2008

Catching up & Stubborn old Frankie!!

Well I am kind of a slacker with my blogging lately! With school starting and Josh buying a business my mind has been elsewhere. I took a picture of the family picture we had taken and looking at it you really can't tell how fake we look in the real thing. It is really kind of funny looking, it looks like Josh is wearing make-up and we have all been airbrushed! We still like it though!

Josh and I had an anniversary two days ago which was wonderful!! This has been the best four years of my life and I am soo excited that I know it will keep getting better! Josh and I started a tradition of buying a cross each year on our anniversary, it all started when we found a really great cross on our honeymoon. I tried but couldn't really get a great picture of the one we picked out this year but it is really awesome!

We also got to have a 3D ultrasound last week : ) However, stubborn old Frank had his hand over his face the whole time. We got one picture of half of his face and a picture of his feet. It was still really amazing though!! We could see him moving his hands and feet and we could see his heart beating! God has blessed us in such a wonderful way and I just can hardly wait to meet my little man.

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Ma'am and Dadgum said...

I like the family picture but it does look posed..... I still like it. The cross is great. Is it wood? It's fun to see a bit of little Frankie. I'm looking forward to seeing him before much longer.