May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day!! We got the day started right, with Sweetheart donuts and a trip to the park : ) It was Franks first time to play in the grass (on a blanket) and hang out outside. He seemed to be having a fun time! School's out and the girls have a euphoric aura about them which is permeating the house. It also hasn't been too terribly hot the last couple of days which is a nice departure from the weather we were experiencing a week before!! Hopefully it will be a nice summer!! Cheers!


Ma'am and Dadgum said...

I love the pictures.

Ryan/Jess said...

Those donuts look delish girls, Frank is so string and big! Big sis you are looking good with the dark hair, and Josh eggcellent camera work. eggcellent