August 23, 2009

Frank is a crawler

Frankie started crawling a couple of weeks ago and now he is EVERYWHERE!! He can pull himself up and walk around the furniture, it's a ton of fun at our house : ) I apologize for not posting this sooner, with Frank moving so much now he is way more work and I don't have as much time to do other things. I will post something that is higher quality when I have more discs for the camcorder (this was just taken with my camera so it's a little fuzzy).


Amy said...

That's awesome! Go Frankie Go! Hey, I noticed that you guys have hardwood floors with rugs. How is that working out with the baby? We want to get rid of our carpet but I'm worried about how it will be when Lucas starts crawling. We have 4 cats and a dog, so carpet just eats up all their hair. Just thought I'd ask. Awesome tie dye shirt too.

Ma'am and Dadgum said...