November 15, 2009

Table full of CHINA baby!!

Before we can get to the table full of china, I have to tell you how we got there : ) We ordered this piece of artwork for the niche in our sitting room that has sat empty for far too long (four years to be exact). Josh hung it on Saturday and it is perfect! As we were appreciating it we couldn't help but say how nice it would look if we had a buffet in the niche under it. So on a whim today we went out to look at buffets just to get an idea, and we found "the one." Now I don't say that lightly because for the aforementioned four years I have been looking for a buffet that would work in that spot and have come up empty handed; because, although I could find some gorgeous stuff, I am not willing to spend $4,500 on a single piece of furniture. Our buffet will be delivered this week and I will post photos to show how spiffy the one we found is. It is (as Josh said) a grandma's buffet. Not because it is old fashioned or anything but because it has the neatest hidden drawers and compartments to hold silverware and stemware. Anyway, now that we finally have a place to put it all, I can get my china out!!! Yippee!! As you may already know I have a bit of an obsession with china and have two fab. sets one of which belonged to my grandmother.

This is a pattern I picked out, it is simple but very pretty
Mama Butchies Haviland china

I had to throw in this picture of the girls all dolled up for our formal dinner last weekend


Ma'am and Dadgum said...

I can hardly wait to see the buffet. I'm sure its uniquely wonderful. Amber, I only know three people who would go on about, me and Uncle Jim. I love it.

Jill and Gels said...

We do look dolled up mom and beautiful.Love goosley. XOXO

Thanks mom, Gelsey is beautiful in that picture! You really do love your china! XOXO Love Jillybean