June 14, 2010

lazy mans ratatouille

Here are my kiddos doing what they've been doing lately; Jill reading, Frank playing with shoes, and Gelsey being artistic. So far it's been a very relaxing summer! Yesterday I harvested 2 japanese eggplant from the garden and made the tastyest ratatouille EVER! It went with our Sunday roast chicken and a delish pea risotto. Instead of making ratatouille the laborious way with salting the veggies and layering everything perfectly I made it like a stew. Sauted the garlic and onions in evoo, added the eggplant and zuchinni for a minute or so and then added the roughly chopped and deseeded tomato. Then I just added some fresh oregano and turned down the heat and let it stew for about 30-45 minutes, topped it with a bit of fresh grated parmesan and voila, TASTY! Hope all is well! xoxo -Amber

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