November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I had to include this photo because I found these two asleep on the sofa and it was the sweetest thing I've seen in awhile. Already another daddy's girl!!
This year we decided to for-go the popcorn balls and make caramel apples in their place. What a fun and easy treat!! Although, it's very difficult to get them as pretty as they are in the candy store. Me and Gelsey tried to figure out how they must do it and we agreed that they probably waste a ton of toppings in the process. It didn't matter how they looked though because they tasted great!! I think this will replace popcorn balls from now on!

Penelope was an owl for the day (when she kept her hat on).
We decorated the front with some skeletons, ghosts and spiders in addition to a black light. If you have a black light I suggest you put it out front next Halloween. It was hysterical to sit inside and listen to people go crazy over their glowing costumes before they rang the bell. Some people were out there for more than five minutes before they wanted candy, pretty funny.
Little Red Riding Hood
Jillian was a light up candy corn witch but I don't have a better picture : ( Here costume was super cool!!
For the first time since we've lived in Anthem our pumpkins didn't get smashed!! I've never cared that they get smashed because we just throw them away but the kids were happy to see them this morning, especially Frank.
Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween!!! XOXO -Amber

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