April 23, 2012

Around here...

Talk about a blog hiatus!! Life's been busy but I'm trying to catch up.  Here's what we've been up to....
 Penny got her first pedicure
 It's hot again so we've been to more than one splash pad, luckily this was the only time he wasn't in a bathing suit
 We've kicked back in our backyard 
 Our previous play pool got a crack and when we went to replace it, we bought this instead, completely on an impulse and haven't regretted it at all!! Best $90 ever spent and it's only been a few weeks.
 The next generation of Murphy's already being trained : )

 Frank proved that he actually has been paying attention with the flash cards we've been doing, when he made a J out of blocks and said J for Jillian without any guidance from me at all. I was overjoyed!!

 I made a few things I saw on Pinterest, that turned out really cute
 My tomatoes got bigger!!

 and Penelope's love affair with yogurt began, ha!
Hope all is well!!! XOXO -Amber

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