October 7, 2008

Halloween Decorations

Well we have never really gotten into celebrating Halloween before, but this year we are doing things a little bit differently. Every year we always go to the carnival at our church, but this year we have a new church and there is no carnival. The girls have been excited to go trick or treating because they have never been before. They also got really excited about decorating the house so Josh and the girls put up some decorations. They are really cute. We drove around the neighborhood a little bit this weekend and I couldn't believe just how extensive some of the decorations were. We saw someone building a casket in their front yard!!! Now I just had to laugh when the girls thought it was soo cool and I sounded JUST LIKE MY MOTHER!!! when I said we would not be doing anything too spooky and they could only have cute and fun costumes. Oh how I used to loathe that as a child, but now I can certainly see where my mom was coming from. She certainly did a FABULOUS job as a mother, but I still do hope to make it without using the whole "because I said so" bit. If I ever do I think it will be the end!! Only kidding mom, I love you!! Hope everyone is doing well!


Ma'am and Dadgum said...

YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! And I'm sure that's right. Why? Because I said so!!!
Love you

Amy said...

Well done! I especially like the scary I need to get with the program and decorate our trees and house!

The Akin Family said...

I have a shirt your mom need to buy for you. The next time I see her I am going to make her get it. Have a great day.
Love all of you,