October 21, 2008

Soccer Super Star

Jillian had her first soccer game of the season this last Saturday. This year she is now in the "big league" and is playing with girls up to age 13!!! A little scary for mom at first but she did soo well and had a lot of fun too! Also they play on a full size field this year which is much bigger than the fields she has played on before. You would have never known it was more running because Jill never looked tired. She also has an awesome coach this year who is already working on a lot of great stuff with the girls! I am really looking forward to seeing how much Jill learns this year.
Before the game huddle
Jillian as center forward! (she looks soo tall considering she is only 9 playing wtih 9-13 year olds!)
Happy after the game - Aunt Jennie was in town also so Jill got to have a special guest at her first game : )
Dad cheering her on under the sweet umbrella set up : ) Thanks for the shade Babypie!


Amy said...

Thanks for checking out my site and saying such nice comments. That is so neat that Jillian is playing soccer. When I was about six I gave it a try. That was when girls really did not play soccer I was the only girl stuck on an all boy team. They were so mean and rude to me. I made that my last year to play soccer. I am glad to see things have changed and more girls do play soccer. I hope Jillian and her team have a great season.

Ma'am and Dadgum said...

I love the pictures of Jill, the jock!! Way to go , Jillian!!

caroline said...

Hey we looked at the site----great way to share your adventures--we saw Frank what a good lookin boy...Already!!!! Love Franks bedding--The girls have really grown. We are headed to Albq. this weekend to deliver some furniture to Kelly-We are the furniture fairies ha ha-We are going to talk paint and color and will be fun to help her with her new "digs"--Ron will be a "finisher" when we get done with him...Take care guys so happy for you-I will be sleeping with my shoes on until your dad gets the call. We are here for you...What a beautiful time in your life-Every couple will tell you the most amazing time in their lives was the birth of a child--God has his hand on this and he will take care of you Amber--be strong look beautiful...Doesnt get any better than this. Love Caroline and G'Pa Murphy...thanks for sharing with us.

Josh Murphy said...
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Amy said...

Just wondering if I could add you to my blog roll?