January 23, 2009

This and That

Frank's Place (his new playpen) is a big hit!

A diaper cake : )
too funny, Thanks Caroline!

Go Lions!

I am a lazy blogger these days! Here are a couple new pics of Frank. He is getting REALLY big! We haven't been doing too much, just getting together with friends and family and enjoying our time together just the five of us : ) Hope all is well with everyone.


Amy said...

I know what you mean, girl! I've been such a slacker when it comes to blogging lately. But its nice to see a little mish-mash of your lives every now and then--that Frank is such a cutie! Wow he has a ton of hair! I can hardly believe how much he's grown in such a short amount of time! Thanks for sharing your recent happenings!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Frank looks so cute. I like you blog look also.