January 28, 2009

96th percentile

Our BIG boy had his 2 month check up yesterday and he is in the 96th percentile for height! The funny thing is he is only in the 35th percentile for weight, any idea where those dimentions might be coming from? anyone? ha ha : ) Of course I shouldn'y be surprised, he is also remarkably good looking just like his daddy! (If he is lucky he will take after Josh in more ways than just his physical appearance!) The doctor also said his blue eyes are likely here to stay because they probably would have changed by now, so I am in there somewhere : )
Everything else is going fine around here. The girls are doing well, cheer and soccer started up again this week and so we are back to our somewhat busy schedule. Gelsey did great on her cheerleading tryout and was awarded a new teal pom pom, a "promotion" of sorts. Jillian has coach Mike again so we are all excited about that.

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Amy said...

Good job, Frankie Boy!