February 8, 2010

Square foot gardening - phase two

We finished the "installation" of our square foot garden this weekend. It turned out GREAT!
The individual boards - 2"x12"x8'
Frank helping out with his rubber mallot
Gelsey getting her garden on
The kiddos all helped out
We used the lasagna method to get rid of the grass under and around the planter boxes
In order to do the lasagna method we dug up about 4" of grass and dirt, made a layer of about 12 sheets of newspaper, and then topped it with mulch
The boxes went in the middle of the mulch and were filled with the standard square foot gardening mix: 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 coarse vermiculite
ta da
I've already planted all of the vegetables that I had germinated - keep your fingers crossed that they all love their new home and decide to play along : )


Jes said...

It looks great. How wonderful you got your kiddos involved. I'm about to start SFG myself! Wish me luck! :)

Deber Klein said...

This is what I want to do. The raised beds not only make the garden more managable, but more accessable for people like me who have arthritis. Now I can "favorite" your page and show my husband!
Deber Klein