March 27, 2010

Ballet Time

Ballet Arizona is performing Classic Innovations today at the Orpheum and Josh and I are lucky enough to have tickets!! *JOY* Now if you know me, you know that I love classical ballet. When I say classical ballet I mean ballet in it's most technical/classical form. Yes, I am the one who is gawking at their feet and form and usually at the end of a ballet I couldn't tell you too much about the set or costumes but I'll probably ask you what you thought of the adagio or marvel about so and so's turnout. Luckily, Josh has been to the ballet with me enough to not only understand this about me, but to anticipate it, and therefore he always keeps a keen eye on the performance aspect for later discussion. The ballet we are going to today is going to be a blend of styles and I am pretty excited to be breaking from my norm. I know Julie Kent won't be gracing the stage of the Orpheum today but I can't help but reference the following clip for it's interesting and sometimes a bit unusual choreography. If you have 6 1/2 minutes watch it, it's breathtaking!!

On a side note, all of the rain we got has turned this place into a green desert : ) It's amazing how much life is teeming right below the surface of this usually barren desert. It's like a green carpet right now. - Thanks for the pics Jeremy!

Hello suburbia

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