September 14, 2010

Pick up a hot chocolate and plop down to read Mockingjay

Starbucks doesn't pay me but they should because I am a walking billboard of theirs. This is the new salted caramel hot chocolate with which I am currently in love. It's seasonal so go grab one while you can. Anywho.....
I had been among those who were anxiously awaiting the third installment of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay. Like everyone else I read it in a day and I LOVED it!!! It was more real than I was expecting but I think the darkness of the book made it that much better. The whole series really gave me a lot to think about with regards to all of the wonderful things I am blessed to have and all of the things I so carelessly take for granted. Most of the books I read are for entertainment and this was no different except it really made me think outside of myself as well. If you haven't read the books I strongly recommend them. They are categorized as young adult but both me and Josh and my mother have all read them and have all really enjoyed the story.
Hope all is well!! XOXO -Amber

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