October 18, 2010

Arizona State Fair

We had the pleasure of having Caroline in town for a visit this past weekend. She invited us to go to the fair which was an unexpected treat : ) I hadn't been to the fair in years and the kids had never been that they could remember.
Frank was hilarious to watch in the petting zoo. He was absolutely fearless around all of the animals, including a couple of llamas that towered over him. He just ran up to each and every one of them and petted them, squatted down so he could be face to face with them (translates to in-their-face), laid up against their back, etc... I wonder what they did to all of those animals to make them so docile because not one of them was even startled by my brazen son. I dare say he wouldn't be nearly as skittish as I was corralling cattle as a child.
We rode on a couple of rides, of which I think the bumper cars were perhaps the favorite, of Josh at least, he was grinning ear to ear the whole time
Nickelodeon was doing a meet Spongebob special which we watched from a distance as we all feared the giant character might freak Frank out, but he enjoyed checking it out from where we were
We also played a ring the duck game where we won a larger than life Spongebob for the boy to keep as a new "roommate"
and of course it wouldn't be a trip to the fair without some sweet treats

It was wonderful to see you Caroline, we really shouldn't go soo long in between visits!

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DV8 Design said...

I feel the same Amber....super good to see your beautiful family and feel your love....You two have done it!!!!! I am so so proud and so is John.....Who is singing "one" ????? LOVE IT!!!!!