November 12, 2010

The Fall Garden

Our fall garden is growing really well! I put up 5 1/2 foot bamboo supports for all of the green beans and they are not nearly tall enough. The plants have grown up over the top, drooped down the sides and then crawled back up either themselves or an adjacent bamboo pole. I've not ever had such luck growing beans before and they're delicious! Our squash is growing like crazy and producing tons of little fruits.
Even though I dumped almost half a pack of radish seeds by accident when I was planting, they don't appear to be hindering each other too much and the radishes that we've already pulled up have tasted great!!
Farmer Bob is enjoying the cooler weather : ) and our eggplant and okra are still doing great!
Our only big pest these days has been these tiny little bugs that seem to love the cucumbers. They don't bother any of the other plants but they are nearly covering both of our cucumber plants not seeming to bother the plant but keeping all of the blossoms we've had from producing any fruits. Any ideas on what these are and how to handle them?? I've tried spraying them with soapy water with no real results, and there are too many to squash without harming the plants.
the spoils : )
Hope all is well!! XOXO -Amber

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