March 19, 2011

Garden Time!

It's warming up here in the valley of the sun, which means it's time to start planting my garden. My petunias and snapdragons take care of themselves and they have been very pretty this week!
I've also decided to not give up on carrots. I've never had much luck getting big enough carrots to amount to anything but I planted a carnival blend and amended the soil with chicken pellets and voila, enough for dinner : )
This is the least interesting to look at now but it's the thing I'm most excited about. I've dedicated an entire box to the squash family this year and have planted 3 heirloom varieties. One of them is a winter squash, a blue hubbard. The other two are mini zucchini's and patty pan squash as well as a regular crook-neck squash. Hopefully they will do well as my hopes are through the roof! I've also planted four different varieties of tomato. A moon and stars watermelon which I'm excited about. Two varieties of eggplant, two of okra and a couple peppers. I will finish with my planting tomorrow with peas and beans and anything else I may have forgotten about.
We also FINALLY took Frank for a ride on the Anthem choo choo train. Ma'am was here so she got to share in the experience. Hope all is well!! XOXO -Amber

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