April 30, 2011

Happy (late) Easter!!

We had a great Easter!! We took our pastors advice and went to the 11am church service as opposed to the 9:30 which we normally attend. The extra hour and a half gave us time to really relax, sleep in, leisurely hunt eggs, and talk about the shock and joy Mary and the disciples must have experienced on the first Easter morning. Sadly, we've attended several funerals in the past few months and we just tried to contemplate the joy and confusion we would feel if any one of our friends were alive again. It's weird to consider but I'm sure disbelief would be rampant so it's easy to understand where some of the disciples were coming from when they originally had doubts.
We don't ever do anything huge on Easter, like cook a ham or have family over. Instead we had brats, deviled eggs : ) and coconut cake.
The thing I had up my sleeve was Bible covers for the girls. I always struggle with the commercialism of Easter. Because I have children; eggs, the "bunny", and all of that are a requirement in my house. I thought I would try to at least balance it out a little bit by making something pretty they could put their Bibles in hoping that they would maybe keep their Bible on their nightstand or equivalent and hence pick it up more often.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!! XOXO -Amber

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