May 17, 2011

Is the iPhone worth it???

Grrr! My Blackberry is a huge pain in the butt! It's old and has to be re-booted about 5 times a day (not exaggerating) in order to send and receive texts, emails, twitter feed (very important : D), etc. I'm up for a renewal and the only thing keeping me from getting a new phone is the $200 price tag of the iPhone. I think they seem really cool, but $200 cool? I have a 160 gig iPod classic that I don't really use and I have an iPad that is freaking awesome and I love which I am constantly using and I can also use to Facetime. So do I spring for the iPhone, which I imagine I would probably love because it's a touch like my iPad or do I just spend $35 and get a new Blackberry. Thoughts??

Hope all is well, as always : ) XOXO -Amber

p.s. if you haven't tried Facetime you should, it's really cool!!!


Amy said...

Haha, that is the same dilemma I am having!! My Blackberry is pretty crappy and I am not up for renewal for another year, so I'm making due for now. I wanted a Droid but didn't want to pay the $200 for it when the BB was free. Of course now I'm wishing I had because my BB is a poopy phone and the camera is crappy too. The buttons are too small and it freezes up all the time. I say spring for a nicer phone if you can afford it. I wish I had! :)

Jana said...

I have had the Iphone since it first came out.. I LOVE it.. My husband says I would lose him before I would lose my phone. Camera is great, Facetime is cool, but there is app called tango so you can facetime without wifi, its easy to FB, text, and check emails. The phone does so much. When I leave the house I leave with my money and my phone.. thats all I need. I believe the phone will soon make it so I don't need money.. LOL

its easy- my parents use it (I do have to manage the syncing for them) it works as well as the Ipad. The Ipad came first (they made it a phone), then they marketed the Ipad. I use it for music for my car, when I work out, and when Im at work. The headphones are great since you can use them for phone calls as well.. easy to ignore calls (or answer them if your that kind of person).

When I hear a song I like I can go to my phone and buy the song.. takes less than a min. I have 3 different emails so the phone puts all of the emails into one bucket for me, or I can just look at each account separately.

I am never lost.. I use the maps (google maps) all the time.. When Im out and I need to know where QT is I just tap on the icon that tells me where I am then I search for QT. Give me dots so I know what one is close and easiest to get to.. I click on the dot I want then tap on the “directions” icon. BAM!!! Step by step directions with my dot moving in a highlighted line so I know Im going the right way.. BRILLIANT

When peeps ask me a q.. my answer is “lets see what the phone says”. Most amazing thing ever created. So if it was 500.00 I would pay it.. I use it everyday.. saves me money and time. The Iphone is PRICELESS..

Just my thoughts.. lol