January 20, 2012

Baby Love

Penelope is four months old now and was given the go ahead to start eating solid food. She's had rice cereal for a little over a week now and has gotten the hang of eating with a spoon. Ryan and Jess got her a cookbook for Christmas, Baby Love. The cookbook is how to make baby food at home. I was already planning on making her food at home so I was pretty thrilled to get a book with details and combos. It's actually a pretty fantastic book that goes beyond cooking and pureeing. It has meat dishes, including halibut, beef stew and bolognese, hummus and risotto dishes!!
The first thing I made was green peas. Isn't that every baby's first food? It was super easy and turned out great! I have always read that if you shock your veggies in an ice bath right after cooking them (for not too long) that they would stay bright. That was certainly true with the peas. They look and taste great, yes I tried them. Then you freeze them in an ice cube tray for easy to use portions later on.
Penelope wasn't super excited about them the first time and even did a little shiver of disgust. The second day she came around and ended up liking it. Next I'm making roasted butternut squash and cauliflower. Have to start introducing new things early on so later she'll be open to anything : )
Hope you are well!! XOXO -Amber

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