January 30, 2012

Jennifer Aniston Square Foot Gardener??

While I can certainly appreciate modern design for what it is, it definitely isn't my style. I think it's really cool to go to a restaurant with super clean lines or a museum with simple color blocking, etc. I certainly wouldn't want to live in Jennifer Aniston's new place, especially not for upwards of $20M!! Just look at the front door, inviting?? No.
There is one thing I absolutely adore about her new place and that's the back yard. Do we think Jen will be down with some square foot gardening? It's not too far fetched. She did just buy a house with a large garden and a VINEYARD!!

Look at this view, stunning! If you care to see more pictures you can click here, that is also where I took these photos from.
Hope all is well!! XOXO -Amber

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