August 7, 2020

Gardening on the Sun

Gardening in Arizona in the high heat of the summer is a bit frustrating.  I should just put some of these plants out of their misery and pull them up.  I can't seem to do that because I have hope that once it cools off I will be ahead because everything is already mature.  This has worked very successfully in the past and that is what keeps me from starting over right about now.  I did cave and pull up my squash and zucchini and start over with pumpkins and patty pan squash. I did however leave my cocozelle squash untouched as it's in the shade of our citrus and doing alright. I do have a few things that were planted intentionally for this time and are loving it!  Pink eyed peas, asparagus beans, blue basil and Armenian cucumbers all thrive over 100 degrees so that is what has been keeping me consistent out there. Other than that I am leaning in to fall planting.    

On a side note, Josh and I have been watching Arrow on Netflix and we are totally loving it.  Great characters, great story and Comic superhero action!!  What's not to love!
We also cleaned up our garage so we could get back to working out in there.  It is still too hot but we have a portable fan we use and as long as it's not too late in the day it is manageable.  About the same as hot yoga and since I pay to do that I can't really complain about the conditions in the garage!!
 Until next time. Amber

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