July 21, 2020

Summer Time

Not too much has been going on around here.  We are all back to work which is great! We have gotten out of the house a few times which has been great to alleviate some of the cabin fever; it has been serious during the pandemic.  We did find a tasty new spot down in Scottsdale that had a meal that was so reminiscent of me and my moms time in Paris.  Steamed mussels with garlic, french fries and rose.  What's not to love!!  I have taken the big girls on a few dates.  Jillian and I went to a  vibrant new brewery which is pretty close to our house.  The decor was unique and the beer was tasty!! We also did a socially distanced 4th of July staycation and we lucked out and got a great firework show. 


We've had some silly times being at home.  I was told the toilet was smoking and I needed to take a look, LOL!  The dogs have been loving having us home extra I am sure.  They are such snuggle buddies. 
We also really miss these munchkin heads!!  So glad they are safe with Ma'am and Dadgum but can't wait for them to come home!!  They will be back soon as online school starts in a few short weeks. 

Hope you are healthy and well!! XOXO, Amber

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Ma'am said...

I love the update. I'm looking forward to those mussels for my birthday.