December 31, 2008

One of my Dad's many masterpieces (and a bonus pic of Frank)

My dad has been turning wood on a lathe for years now. He has won ribbons in the state fair, been offered money for his work and been admired by many. It's his latest piece of work however that has really put a smile on my face!! For Christmas he made Josh and I a set of salt and pepper shakers that were made from pinecones that had been turned on the lathe. If you think that sounds crazy you should take a look at them, they're amazing!! The part that has the darker coloring is also "fuzzy" to the touch which makes them even cooler! He also made us a set of salt and pepper grinders that were turned on the lathe. He always finds the prettiest pieces of wood to use that add soo much character to the finished piece! Thanks dad for the AWESOME gift, it is one of the neatest things I have ever gotten!!

p.s. here is a picture of Frankie too, just because he is soo darn cute!!


Amy said...

That is so neat what your Dad did. I like your new blog look.

Happy New Year...

The Akin Family said...

I have some of your Dads wonderful work. He does such an amazing job. Frankie is darling!!!
Happy New Year to all of you,