December 13, 2008

Soccer Season is over... for now.

Playing goalie
Jillian's sweet new trophy

Going head to head, go Jill!

Kicking it with coach Mike on the sidelines

Jill's biggest cheerleader

Today was Jillian's last soccer game of the season. She had such a great team and a fantastic coach! We will definitely have her on the same team next season, which is only a couple of weeks away : ) Jillian was awarded a great bobblehead trophy for her hard work during the season. She played a lot of different positions this time, including goalie. Her favorite position was inside forward which was also a lot of fun to watch! Great Job Jillian!!!

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Ma'am and Dadgum said...

Jillian, I'm so proud of you for playing hard and learning soooo much!! You're my champ!