January 29, 2010

Square foot gardening/baby blood test

We are planning a square foot garden ("SFG"), yay!! I didn't know what this was until recently. We've been planning on starting a garden and have been doing research online which is how we found out about SFG's. We've already begun germinating our seeds indoors which include: green beans, zucchini, summer squash, okra, tomatos, lavender, and sage. I will also plant some marigolds to keep out the bugs. A SFG is basically a raised planter box that is separated into individual square feet using a grid. Each square foot is filled with different types of plants, up to 16 of the same plant in each square foot depending on the spacing requirements. This method is done instead of rows to maximize the use of space, minimize weeds and watering. This method makes a lot of sense if you live in the city! It has been a little different for me trying to figure out how to create a veggie garden in my backyard considering when I was a kid whe had a GIANT garden, mainly because we had a giant yard. I included some photos from the web above to show the concept in action.
Here's Frank helping me figure out how to organize our beds and checking out our existing herb gardens.

On a side note, Frank had to have a blood test today. No big deal really, but... They conduct a blood test on a one year old the same way they do on an adult: apply tourniquet, tap on inside of elbow to locate vessel, insert butterfly needle, and hold still while they fill tiny little blood bottles. You can imagine my panic when I realized what they were going to do, AND that I was the one who got the pleasure of holding him still. The HORROR that I felt was nearly unparalleled! Alas, it was not so bad, Frank is extremely brave, tough, (fill in appropriate adjective...) and he cried a little, didn't really squirm too much, and basically shook it off immediately. WOW! You can see the sticker he got in the photos above, which I'm having him wear all day as a badge of honor : ) Have a lovely day!

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Confessions of a Closet Hoarder said...

What a pretty little garden! I've been trying to figure out what I want to do for a garden. It may not be this year that I get one going, but when I do, I may just have to give this a try. It's very pretty!