June 16, 2011

Girls and Gardens

In 14 short weeks we'll be adding a new little girl to our family. That's right, it's a GIRL!! This pregnancy is kind of flying by and I am super excited to meet our new family member : )
At the end of school Jillian was induced into the National Junior Honor Society. She is very deserving of the honor as she is a very hard working and wonderful young lady.
We were all pretty excited for Jillian and went to the ceremony to support her.
Our garden has been doing fantastic!! We've gotten several batches of green beans, TONS of tomatoes, some squash, okra, eggplant..... Here was one of our first harvests.
Josh and Frank also did some work pruning in the back yard. Wherever Josh took his wheelbarrow Frank was soon to follow with his. He parked it touching Josh's and did everything he could to help.
The tomato bed
The green beans, eggplant and a couple of okra plants
Our squash bed, the Blue Hubbard is doing GREAT!! It has a few squash on it too. Our fourth bed has more green beans, okra and a really big Moon and Stars watermelon plant which has about 3 or four mini melons on it. I am super hopeful that the melons will grow and do well.
Here's our latest harvest. We got black russian, brandywine, green zebra, roma, early girl and sweet 100 tomatoes. We also got our first red okra which turned green when I cooked it. All of these were quite tasty. I liked the tang of the green zebra tomato but the black russian tomatoes were incredibly juicy!!
Hope all is well!! XOXO -Amber

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Ma'am and Dadgum said...

I'm proud of Jillian. Like you said, she is very deserving. The veggie look yumy.