July 15, 2010

Eclipse Party

One of the things we did in ABQ was have a super fun party to celebrate the opening of Eclipse. It was really just a great excuse to have an over the top girly party. We decorated with 8 dozen red roses arranged in about a dozen small rose bowls. We had dozens of tea candles , a few pillar candles, and some taper candles as well. We decorated the outside with several strings of twinkle lights, and we used various pieces of my moms different sets of crystal including plates, flutes, and goblets. We served champagne and red wine for anyone who wanted it as well as red berry tea and sparkling pomegranate juice. Of course the food was fabulous! We made a variety of hors d oeuvres; shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon with cream cheese, crostinni with bruscetta and a roasted garlic pea spread... all very tasty! However, the piece de resistance had to be the cake which we ordered from a special bakery. It was made to look like the book Eclipse using a rolled fondant frosting, devine! Everyone was encouraged to dress up. Jillian's outfit was the most convincing because my mom made her a vest to wear which was similar to the vest Alice wears in Twilight. She looked very cute. Lastly, we got a lifesize cutout of Alice as she was the "host." If you've read the books you know that Alice always goes way overboard with her party planning and that is really where we got the inspiration for the decorations and everything. It was a great time!
Hope all is well! XOXO - Amber


Ma'am and Dadgum said...

It's too bad that words and pictures can't explain how much fun this was. Breaking Dawn...... well, we'll see?

Leontien said...

Like the post but LOVED the music!!! If i may ask: who is this?


Leontien said...

Like the post but LOVED the music!!!

if i may ask, who is singing???


The Murphys said...

Thanks! The first band is The Temper Trap but if you have any others you like you can scroll to the bottom of the blog to see the playlist info. : )