July 26, 2010

Meet Robert S. Crow

We've added a new member to the family, Robert S. Crow. He goes by farmer Bob. He's really just for fun because he doesn't have any moving parts or sounds, but he's cute and kind of funny. Now all we need is a Genevieve Crow so he won't be lonely : ) Josh also built a fabulous new watering system for our gardens. He made a four pronged system with p.v.c. that has individual holes drilled to water each plant. All I have to do now is plug the hose into the quick release at the corner of the square and it slowly waters each plant. This came about as a result of Josh having to water the garden while me and the kids were in ABQ. He realized how much time it took to water every thing individually and he decided to make us a time-saver. I love it!!
I had to put this in because it's too cute. Frankie really loves his daddy!
Josh also built a more reasonable method of bird control. We had some problems at the beginning of the summer with birds eating our tomatoes the second they were ripe. We had gotten a bird net and kind of thrown it over the top of the plants and staked it down. That was a real pain because the net got hung up in the leaves of the plant, it got tangled around the stakes and it was just a general pain. Josh built a 5' cube out of p.v.c. that he zip tied the bird net to to go over the box. Then the net hangs down to the ground where it is zip tied to some loose p.v.c. that I can lift up and over the frame. This is also a huge time and sanity saver because it is now possible to quickly grab a tomato whereas before I had to wrestle with the bird net first.
Frank has also picked up his first chore, mowing the lawn ; )

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