July 19, 2010

Explora and the Zoo

The Explora childrens museum was a ton of fun. They had a really large water area where you could build damns and learn about currents. There was also a more mechanical area where you could play with gears and build an arch. Frank's favorite was either the perpetual motion area or the giant bubbles.
We also went to the Albuquerque Zoo which is a very cool zoo. I may be biased because it's the zoo of my childhood but regardless it is still great. It sits next to the Rio Grande river and has a ton of cottonwood trees and greenery which I love. One of the special exhibits they had included a zebra hide, a lion hide, and a rhino skull that we could touch and check out up close. I was really surprised by how soft the lion hide was; just like a large house cat. It certainly didn't feel like it looks.

Hope all is well! XOXO -Amber

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Ma'am and Dadgum said...

I loved going to both of these places with the kids. It was great.