July 2, 2010

Eclipse Review

So I've been to see Eclipse. Twice : ) It is fabulous, although the first time around I was a little bit disappointed. Not because it's not great but because I went in with certain expectations that were and weren't met. One of my favorite bits/quotes from the book is completely missing; which is Bella being kidnapped and sneaking off to see Jacob. However, overall they really captured the essence of the book and did a great job of capturing the mood of the most important scenes. There is more romance and sweetness between Edward and Bella than we've gotten from any of the other movies. Also, they've really started building a lot of the elements that need to be in place for Breaking Dawn. My absolute favorite part of the entire "Saga" was done better than my expectations, which is the gold bed scene with the proposal. Movies almost never do a better job than my own imagination, but this one did with that scene. I also really like that they included Bella hanging out with Jacob in his wolf form, that was really sweet even though I'm obviously team Edward. Edward finally looks like what I pictured when I read the books, I think they've finally figured out how to do the make up and contacts without making them look creepy. If you haven't seen it yet, it is definitely worth the trip! I'm sure we'll go again to see it in IMAX once you don't have to go an hour early to get a decent seat.
We also threw a totally fun Eclipse party the night before but I am in ABQ and have no way to upload pictures. Once we figure that out I will post a few of our over the top decorations. We went with 8 dozen red roses, candles, and twinkle lights as that is usually the way Alice decorates for a party, and she made an appearance (in cardboard, ha ha).
Hope all is well! XOXO -Amber

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